Patriot Trinity is committed to preserving the environment and protecting people by properly utilizing the company’s resources. We strive to make sure that we contribute to efforts in keeping the planet safe while supporting the sustainability of the steel lifecycle. We have partnered with a leading consultancy for best practices in environment, health, and safety, to further improve our processes, internal policies, and training programs.

Management System

To ensure that Patriot Trinity complies with the law in each of our facilities across Texas and improve HSE performance, we have enhanced our system to ensure we adhere to the requirements of the American Institute of Steel Contractors (AISC) and our own Quality Management System.

Audit Program

Our internal HSE audit program is designed to ensure personnel safety and environmental protection. We continually review our daily operations to identify risks and effectiveness of the HSE Management System and our facilities are regularly audited by agencies, customers, and certifying bodies.  All of our fabrication facilities are audited each quarter to identify and recognize employees who perform well. We are also constantly on the lookout for areas where we can improve our procedures.

Incident Performance

Patriot Trinity is aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of employees and the environment. We carefully plan out annual goals that are in line with the company’s overall strategies, which are effectively communicated to all employees. These are created to tackle significant issues that affect the organization and to make sure that we succeed in addressing them we have a dashboard that contains all key metrics that Patriot Trinity uses as guides to successfully attaining our goals.

HSE Culture

To ensure that we stay effective and efficient in what we do, Patriot Trinity makes sure that all HSE programs are simple, engaging, and systematic. These 3 qualities will help drive the company to an interdependent culture that provides results.

More than anything else, we value the safety of our workers and want to make sure that, at the end of the day, they get home to their respective families safe and sound. We promote a more mature and interdependent safety culture that will teach employees that they are encouraged to make decisions that they can accountable for and that they are responsible to each other. They are encouraged to work as teams and look after one another to ensure that there are no unpleasant incident.

To engage employees in our HSE processes, we encourage them to air their opinions on safe and unsafe work practices, which they should record. We also implement behavior-based safety programs to keep them engaged and motivated to take a closer look at their outputs and become more concerned with safety. That means they can, at any time they believe that there is a safety or environmental concern, stop work no matter the situation.


If you have high-risk challenges, we have the certified experts and safety resources to help you out.


The AISC’s certification programs are the most widely recognized standard for the structural steel industry. Their goal is to help companies build quality structures, focusing on error prevention at the beginning of the project, rather than error correction if something goes wrong. Patriot Trinity’s fabrication certification was first awarded in 1997 and erection certification followed in 2009.