Our customers expect seamless steel delivery. With 40 years of continuous support of our key suppliers and business partners, Patriot Trinity has Tier 1 status with the best supply chain in the industry.

Supply Assurance

Our Procurement Director strategically sources steel from steel mills and distributors. In 2011, our purchases were split evenly between these two channels.

Design Assurance

Our Alliance with PS Design, of Baton Rouge, gives us access to local design-build, FEA/CFD Analysis, connection design, detailing, 3D modeling. In addition, PS Design has wholly-owned engineering subsidiaries in India and China for low-cost, 24 hour service.

Finish Assurance

Whether your finish requires galvanizing, paint, fireproofing or all of the above, Patriot Trinity’s business partners deliver standard-setting quality and service. Year after year, these companies have worked closely with us to deliver steel, seamlessly, to the job site.

On Time Projects

Delivery assurance in capital projects is critical. At Patriot Trinity, we deliver quality projects on-time and give you real-time status access through our customer portal.

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Industry Experience

With over 45 years of experience, Patriot Trinity has assembled the most knowledgeable staff to serve the most demanding projects in the industrial construction industry.

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Quality Assurance

Quality driven business processes combined with on-site inspection teams delivers the highest quality fabricated structural steel to your project.

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Companies that are AISC Certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation and are subject to annual reviews. An AISC independent auditing company, Quality Management Company, LLC, confirms that companies have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce the required quality of work.

Fabricators supplying steel to the City of Los Angeles are required to be approved by the LA Department of Building and Safety. Because of earthquakes, fabricators must maintain a very high standard of care in quality control to obtain an LA fabricators license. The L.A. standard is so well known that many large western cities provide an automatic exemption from their own local certification programs with proof of LA Certification.

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